Sound Editing

PTE9 Sound Editing

In these 23 Videos and Demos running for 3.5 hours in total, we look at most aspect of sound editing. Including:- Joining Music – Crossfade – Commentary – Editing Sound Key points and much more. Sound is what often lets a slide show down. Here we demonstrate those techniques that are essential to great audio visual.

PicturesToExe offers two versions of its software – The lower cost Essentials and the Deluxe version. One of the differences between these two versions is how they approach sound editing. Both will create superb audio visual sequences, but the videos in this set are primarily aimed at the Deluxe version.

The sound editing options in the Deluxe version are far more comprehensive than Essentials. However, we have included a video that looks at sound editing from the perspective of the Essentials version of PicturesToExe. As a part of this group of videos we also look at the free sound editing software Audacity. So, if you are a PicturesToExe Essentials user, those audacity videos will be useful to you.

A complete set of videos on topics like these can take some weeks to record and create. If they benefit you, then a donation to the authors costs would be a way to say thank you