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After living in the UK for 57 years and Australia for 10 after that. A visit back to the UK provided the idea to contrast the two countries in this sequence. I think the music alone will easily indicate the division between images of the UK and those taken in Australia 

Surfs Up Schools Out

One afternoon/evening in Noosa National Park. The tide was right, the surf was up and the surfers were out. In this sequence the music adds quite a lot and the images are presented in a non tradition audio visual way. Its a short sequence little more than 3.5 minutes

Scotland a Brief Moment in Time

This Audio Visual was the result of a 2014 visit from Australia to the UK and a week we spent in Scotland. As you will see here, we have mixed pictorial images, with commentary adding facts and a bit of geology to the sequence. PicturesToExe can handle it all, including recording the commentary, if you have a mic of course

Red Balloons

Sometimes we are inspired by the images we shoot, sometimes its the music that sparks an idea. This piece of music by Katie Melua has always been a favorite. Fortunately, by the time I got the idea for this sequence, I had already amassed quite a few hot air balloon shots, so I had the content I needed to create this sequence. Many of the balloons required complex cutouts, which our Photoshop Selections videos demonstrate

A Journey into Photography

This sequence followed a 7 week photographic road trip we took down the East Coast of Australia and along the great ocean road. It combines a travelogue, with a little photographic instruction, but with many pictorial elements too. A mixture of AV techniques with quality images to hold the attention of the viewer

Inclement Weather

Following a holiday back in the UK in 2014 I found the images and inspiration for Inclement weather. If it demonstrates one thing. Its that we can still capture great images without a hint of blue sky. Sound effects are used here to add to the atmosphere and multiple music choces. All can be mixed together in the Time line of PicturesToExe and we have video tutorials on sound editing to help

Locos in Steam

Here is an attempt at irony, because the locos are not in steam. This sequence was awarded third place in 2015 Queensland Salon of Excellence and includes some original poetry too. You can see how creative and interesting audio visual can be. Look for the time lapse of the train coming up a grade. Easy to achieve using PicturesToExe slideshow software and Photoshop.

Living on the Edge

In Australia, the majority of the population lives on the edge, the coastal regions around the country. This sequence allows us to present the drama of the Australian Coast in monochrome, infra red and a little colour. The whole sequence runs for less than 3 minutes and allows us to create impact with careful synchronization of images to music. Always the key to great audio visual

PicturesToExe Promo

Over the past few years I have been asked by the PicturesToExe software company to create their Promotional slide show. This sequence demonstrates some of what PicturesToExe can do. All images, video and the audio visual is our work. The presentation demonstrates the quality of PicturesToExe, but also our work too. Follow the links on this site to a trial version of PicturesToExe

PicturesToExe Wedding Promo

This sequence was created in just a few minutes using slide styles, which are a part of PicturesToExe Slideshow software. We also have a video that demonstrates how this promo was made HERE