CS6 Presentation

Presentation for print or on screen viewing, both corrective and creative. These videos will also be relevant to audio visual enthusiasts, those who use PicturesToExe slideshow software. Here we offer 21 videos running for 7 hours in total. Included are many extras like Frames, Textures, Edge effects and more.  View our video introduction below and see our Pdf list of contents

In this set of videos we cover a lot of ground from simple image edges to digitally framing an image for print or electronic display purposes. In these videos, we use Photoshop’s Layers and tools to create block mounting, mat recessed frames and many other attractive presentation techniques. In addition to your download videos, we offer many low resolution frames for AV and high resolution frames for print. Plus lots of other artwork and textures. 

All the content on Beckham Digital is now free of charge, but there are costs involved in running a website like this. If the many hours of work that goes into these videos is beneficial to you. A contribution to those costs via Paypal would be appreciated.