Styles & Themes

Slide Styles & Themes for PTE-AV-Studio 10 can save time by applying simple or complex animations and effects to single or multiple images in one go.   Slide Styles store the effects we have created, and we can apply that information to one or a hundred images in one go. Themes can add a multitude of different styles in a couple of clicks. View our demo, then download the style/theme if you like what they do.

Here we have 8 linked Slide Styles to form a Theme.  Download the slide styles HERE. Download the Theme HERE. Go to the video tutorial on how to create them HERE

Framed Slide Styles and Themes – Download the Slide Styles Here. – Download the Theme Here.

Folding Book – Slide Styles and Themes – Download the Folding White Styles Here. – Download the Folding Black Styles Here.Download the Themes Here.