Lets Talk Photography and Infrared – How, Where and Why are the questions we pose and answer. Download this video from HERE

Infra-Red photography is a fascinating subject and converting a camera to shoot Infrared images will open up a whole new area in  your photography. It allows the creation of stunning monochrome images that have universal appeal.  Let us take you through what is involved in taking the plunge and how to create stunning images. Check out our Pdf here

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The Colour of Infrared – Using The New Photoshop Neural Colorize Filters. Colour Black and White images quickly and easily with Artificial Intelligence and the Photoshop 2021 upgrade Download the Video Here.  

Photoshop/ACR – Infrared manipulation is easier than you think – However, the same standards apply no matter what we are processing in ACR and Photoshop.  Download the Video HERE 

Infra-Red Video 001  – Introduction Start with our introduction video and work through the remaining videos at your own pace. Download this video

Infra-Red Video 002 – What are the OptionsDownload this video

Infra-Red Video 003 – Basic Photoshop Manipulations – There isn’t a massive difference in editing techniques for Infra-Red, but the low contrast images it captures makes life easier – Download this video

Living on the Edge – This presentation is not a direct part of this set of videos, but it does use a number of Infra-Red images. The images will give you a good example of what a converted camera can do – Download this video

 Infra-Red Video 004 – Lightroom Basics – There isn’t a massive difference in editing techniques for Infra-Red, but the low contrast images it captures, makes life easier – Download this video

Infra-Red Video 005 – Exposure and Manipulation This part is easier that we may imagine – Download this video

Infra-Red Video 006 – Toning and Duo Toning Generally speaking Infra-Red images will be monochrome, but with modern image editors like Photoshop and Lightroom, we can easily add colour – Download this video

The Fire Trail This presentation was not created as a part of this video set, but it may give you a better idea of what can be achieved with a converted camera and a short walk through our local fire trail – Download this video

Infra-Red Video 007 – Hand Colouring –  Download this video

Infra-Red Video 008 Nik Plugin Filters  –  Download this video

Infra-Red Video 009 –  Automatic Colour Cast Correction –  This is a  process to batch process a large number of images all in one simple operation in Bridge. Download this video

Three years later –   I returned to this subject after 3 years as a review of the 9 videos above and infra-red in general.  What we may feel was a great idea in 2014, may not seem such a good idea some years later. (Spoiler alert: It was a good idea)   Download this video

Cosmos –   Here is another of my presentations using infra-red images. The title comes from the music, rather than the subject.    Download this video

Check out our galleries for hundreds of Infra-Red images. Here is a dedicated Infra-Red Album.   Here is our general Flickr Galleries

Below are a few full size raw images that you can download and open up in your image editor. You’ll see that removing colour casts is easy and you can try out your infra-red image editing techniques.