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In High Places

This Audio Visual is a first for me because it has been created solely from video clips. My audio visual has always been still images till now.  It was shot in Tasmania using a Mavic Pro 2 Drone. The videos were combined together using PicturesToExe slideshow software. 


London Calling

This Audio Visual was awarded 1st place in the Photographic Society of Queensland 2015 Salon of Excellence. I had the music in mind and while visiting the UK in 2014 I had a day in London walking around with the camera and this sequence was the result. It wasn’t very nice weather, but I’m not sure that did any harm at all. All sorts of thing can inspire a sequence, once you start to think about it. Here the music came first.

Cold War Scrapyard

Updated in June 2019 with old fashioned typewriter effect for the title. Tutorial HERE. Awarded 2nd place in the 2016 Metropolitan Inter-club AV competition Queensland. Audio Visual can be many things to many people, but a lot of photographers use it as a vehicle to display the many images they create. We visit places of interest and shoot lots of images, but what do we do with those images. If you’re a Camera Club member, you may be searching for that elusive competition winner, but you will have lots of other images that are still worth viewing.

We are looking to present the pictures not as a simple batch of images, but something with a little more appeal than that. (if we can) Music is crucial to the mood we are trying to create and often difficult to find, but YouTube is a great source. Then we still have to manipulate the images in a way we feel is fitting to the music and the presentation as a whole. 

Botanical Artistry

This sequence gained a merit in an Audio Visual competition. Botanic Artistry is all about using PicturesToExe software to present the images at their best. Photographic technique, mixed with AV presentation, music and synchronised images. Gentle animation takes away that static look and we have tutorials on Animation techniques

English Civil War

I created a filtered image of a picture I took some years ago while I was trying to create that old master look. The picture did quite well in competition and inspired this idea. The Sealed Knot Society in the UK stage English Civil War re-enactments and over the years I had amassed a number of images I could use.

I’ve added some historical facts to the sequence just help it along.  The filter effect tutorial was a free video on one of my Newsletters. So, perhaps there is a good reason to sign up for our newsletter from the bottom of our main page

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

The beauty of audio visual is that inspiration can come from unlikely places. While looking through images on my PC. I was listening to music on my headphones when I happened to stop on an image as this piece of music played. The image matched the music and the idea was born.

Sand-Soda & Limestone = Glass

I have a set of videos on how the subjects of how this sequence were shot. Believe it or not, the sole lighting source for this sequence was a 27in flat screen monitor. Check out the videos in our photography menus above

The Blue Mountains

Inspiration here came from the images and information I read about how the Blue Mountains in Australia were formed over millions of years. I also love this music, so it seemed natural to combine the two, but add some information as well as just pretty pictures.

The Storm Season

One of the few sequences where not all the images were taken by me. Some were taken by my son with a Mavic Pro drone, although I used my photographic skills to take him to the right place at the right time to capture the shots.

The Directors Cut

Here the images inspired the sequence and gave me a reason to create the slide show. In this sequence I have made the most of the images by identifying and enhancing the third image. The third image is a term used to describe what we see. When one image fades into another and for a second or two we see a third image. A combination of the two. We have covered this topic in our tutorials called Presentation techniques