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Road to the Scenic Rim – Where the Sunflowers Grow – Download from Here

Jewels of the Gold Coast  – Download from Here

How to show your images to the world  – Download from Here

Noosa National Park + Canon R5  – Download the presentation from Here

The Blackall Range  – A PTE AV Studio presentation –  Download a HD 60p Version Here

Check out our Video on this topic Here

Rainbow Beach, Cooloola & The Great Sandy Strait  – A PTE AV Studio presentation  – Download a HD 60p Version Here

A Whale of a Tail – A PTE AV Studio presentation – Humpback Whale watching at Hervey Bay Australia. – Download a HD 60p Version Here

Seeing the Invisible – A PTE AV Studio presentation – Download a 4K 60p Version Here Download a HD 60p Version Here

The Sun Danced – Based on an original Poem by Joanne Hattersley.  Visit Madhatter Press Download this Mp4 Video here

PTE AV Studio Promo – Take a look at what this software can do in this short promo. Download this Mp4 Video here

PTE AV Studio Facts – Why the software name change –  PTE AV Studio is the same great software as PicturesToExe. The name change was brought about because our main publish choice for our presentations is now a high quality Mp4 video, rather than the executable file we used to create,

Jack Frost – This is a remake of an older show that was made far too long and now it’s only half the length and created as a full HD – 60 Mp4 video. You can download this video here.

Triptography – This audio visual is rather simple in design. Apart from the first main image that uses animation, all the other images were created just as you see them in the show.

Its combining different transitions to match with the image shapes that helps enormously, plus the use of the smoothing line in PTE AV Studio/PicturesToExe  This short presentation can be viewed here in full HD resolution or you can download the video here

PTE AV Studio Facts – The Smoothing line is a setting within the transition options of PTE AV Studio/PicturesToExe. It allows the user to vary the edge softness of transitions such as Shapes, Hour Hand and others. It can make a significant difference to the default settings. Go to Project Options > Transitions, or Slide Options > Transitions 

In High Places This Audio Visual has been created solely from video clips shot in Tasmania using a Mavic Pro 2 Drone. PTE AV Studio handles video up to 4k extremely well.  Download this presentation here

London Calling – This Audio Visual was awarded 1st place in the Photographic Society of Queensland 2015 Salon of Excellence.  All sorts of thing can inspire a sequence, once you start to think about it. Here the music came first. Download this presentation here

Cold War Scrapyard – Updated in June 2019 with old fashioned typewriter effect for the title. Tutorial HERE. Awarded 2nd place in the 2016 Metropolitan Inter-club AV competition Queensland. Audio. Download this presentation here

Botanical Artistry – This sequence gained a merit in an Audio Visual competition. Botanic Artistry is all about using PTE AV Studio/PicturesToExe software to present the images at their best. Photographic technique, mixed with AV presentation techniques. Music and synchronized images. Gentle animation takes away that static look and we have tutorials on Animation techniques too.  Download this presentation here

The Dock of the Bay – The beauty of audio visual is that the inspiration can come from unlikely places. While looking through images on my PC. I was listening to music on my headphones when I happened to stop on an image as this piece of music played. The image matched the music and the idea was born.   Download this presentation here

Sand, Soda and Limestone – Glass – I have a complete set of videos on this subject. Believe it or not, the sole lighting source for this sequence and images was a 27 inch flat screen monitor. Check out the videos in our photography section HERE. .  Download this presentation here

English Civil War  – Images from a Sealed Knot civil war re-enactment society. The images were made to look like an old painting to help with the historic feel. The software used for this was Topaz. Check out a couple of videos we have via the link Here and Here.    Download this presentation here

PTE AV Studio Facts – Animation Keyframes work like way-points. The first keyframe will adjust position and size of an object. Add last keyframe and adjust the final position of an object and its parameters. PTE AV Studio will animate the object between these keyframes using pan, zoom, rotate etc.

The Blue Mountains – The inspiration came from the images I shot, but also the information I read. It was all about how the Blue Mountains in Australia were formed over millions of years. I also love this music, so it seemed natural to combine the two, but to also add some information as well as just pretty pictures.  Download the video here.

The Storm Season – One of the few sequences where not all the images were taken by me. Some were taken by my son with a Mavic Pro drone, although I used my photographic skills to take him to the right place at the right time to capture the shots. Download the video here

PTE AV Studio FactsPTE AV Studio can easily handle video up to 4K in size and also offers video editing too. Anything that we can do with still images is now available for video clips too.

The Directors Cut – The images inspired this sequence and gave me a reason to create the slide show. In this sequence I have made the most of the images by identifying and enhancing the third image. The third image is a term used to describe what we see. When one image fades into another and for a second or two we see a third image. A combination of the two. We have covered this topic in our tutorials called Creative Audio Visual Techniques. Download this presentation here

PTE AV Studio FactsMusic, commentary and sound effects can all be used and edited within the software via the audio envelope tools. Sound files can be played consecutively and/or simultaneously. Adjusting sound volume via Audio Key-Points to allow for the insertion of the spoken word. It’s quick and easy to achieve.