CC Raw


Manipulating Raw images offers far too much to ignore. Check out our intro video below. I have recorded 24 full HD videos that have been presented in a logical learning order, so all you need to do is follow the video numbers and go as far along the raw editing path as you wish.  See our Pdf list of contents

To learn raw image editing to the level you’re going to need, the tools and techniques must be demonstrated in context. It’s not good enough to give someone a quick overview of the camera raw screen and its tools. Remember, you go as far along the learning road as you wish. Just follow the numbered videos. I present these videos in 3 parts simply to make downloading a little easier.

A complete set of videos on topics like these can take some weeks to record and create. If they benefit you, then a donation to the authors costs would be a way to say thank you

If you have any doubts about shooting and manipulating Raw images, this video may be of interest