PTE AV Studio – Promo – I’ve been a user of PTE AV Studio (previously PicturesToExe) for around 20 years now and it was pretty good when I first started using it. I’ve seen it go from strength to strength over the years and it really is a stunning piece of software for the presentation of Images and Video. 

PTE-AV-Studio 10


What New in PTE-AV-Studio 10 – Trial Software Available here

What’s New in PTE-AV-Studio 10 – Videos Here

64-bit PicturesToExe 

  • PTE-AV-Studio 10 is 64-bit application and can use more than 2 GB of system memory for large projects.

Dark Theme

  • PTE-AV-Studio 10 offers Dark theme of the interface. Classical Light mode is also available. 

Hardware Acceleration for User Interface

  • Main window of PTE-AV-Studio 10 uses a hardware acceleration to show all elements of the graphical interface. Slide list, Timeline and File list works much faster now with smooth scrolling.

Improved Video Output

  • Added hardware acceleration for video encoding (H.264). It works for NVIDIA, AMD and Intel video cards. Encoding works faster in 3-5x times.
  • Motion Blur. This option simulates a shutter effect in traditional cameras and adds a cinematographic look.
  • Lossless compression option in Custom mode for MP4 H.264 video.
  • 60p mode is set by default for smooth playback of animations.

Improved Playback of Video Clips

  • Hardware acceleration for smooth playback of video clips.
  • Added support of new video codecs: HEVC and VP9.
  • Direct support of H.264 video clips in PicturesToExe. Video converter is not required anymore.

Audio and Improved Timeline View

  • Added support of M4A audio files.
  • Added two buttons “+” and “-” to change the scale in the Timeline view.

Other Improvements

  • New sorting method for images in the File list: Exif Date, original date of a photo.
  • Vastly improved quality of edge anti-aliasing for images and video clips with 3D transformations.
  • Auto Updates of PicturesToExe
  • New transition: Cube 3D
  • Support of files from network resources

Scheduled features for the final version:

  • Improved look of Dark and Light modes.
  • Improvements in the Timeline view for work with audio clips.
  • Groups of slide styles (themes)
  • 64-bit code for the fullscreen preview and EXE shows.
  • Converter of video clips for trimming.
  • Mac version of PicturesToExe 10

P.S. VideoBuilder (DVD output) is not included in PTE-AV-Studio 10