CC Layers

CC Layers

Layers is one of those must know parts of this stunning software. Working in Photoshop without Layers is like driving a car without tyres. You’ll get a short distance, but things will be uncomfortable and you’ll soon grind to a halt.

Photoshop’s Layers are the backbone of the software. Almost any image editing task you care to imagine will require Layers and we are not just talking about composites, montage and other creative editing. Layers are required for practically everything we do.

In this set of videos we’ll concentrate on the subject of layers and the creative techniques that require them. Every image you will see in our introduction video below is a product of layers. See our Pdf list of contents

Photography is an art and Layers open up creative avenues that are otherwise closed to us. This set of 20 videos is in 3 parts simply to make downloading the files a little easier. 

All the content on Beckham Digital is now free of charge, but there are costs involved in running a website like this. If the many hours of work that goes into these videos is beneficial to you. A contribution to those costs via Paypal would be appreciated.

The video -The Context of Layers - may be of interest too