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Understanding Layers – Layers is one of those must know parts of this software. In these videos we’ll concentrate on the subject of creative layers and the techniques that require them. See our Pdf list of contents

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Understanding Layers – Video 001 – Introduction – This video is the place to start and at the bottom of the page the complete video sets can be downloaded. Download this video 

Understanding Layers – Video 002 – The Place to Start – Understanding the relationship between the image & the canvas. Unlocking the background layer and looking at what effect this has on the canvas and image size.  Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 003 – Copy and Paste + Layer Masks – A simple project to copy and paste a layer and mask one layer to blend with the other. We also look at canvas size to create our working canvas space.   Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 004 – Creating a Layered Image – Creating a new canvas and making a multi image presentation to understand layers, the stacking order, naming and deleting layers.  Using the transform tools on multiple layers to easily resize images and smart guides to position them.  Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 005 – Making a Composite – A simple idea, but we learn heaps about Layers while creating it  Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 006 – The Halo Problem – Lines around a cut-out is not good and we need to know what causes it and how to deal with it. Here we demonstrate how to do that with Select and Mask. Adding a coloured sky to our composite image we also use the transform tools to make the sky fit perfectly too.  Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 007 – Text and Text Effects – Here we look at layered text and the FX we can apply to the text. We also look at warped text, and styles along with layer masks to add creativity to text on an image. Text is fun, creative too and we learn a lot about working in layers.  Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 008 – Smart Filters and Filter Effects – Using smart filters with Topaz Impressionist 2 filters. Creating a vignette and textures on separate layers for ultimate control and flexibility.  Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 009 – Multi Images and Clipping – This is far more interesting than the title suggests. We use layer techniques to create templates, but very quickly and easily. Layer guides, smart guides and some simple tips and tricks are all that are required. Create multi layers presentations for print or digital display with interest and appeal.  Check out an example of this technique below.  Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 010 – Video Presentation of Video 9 – A presentation using the techniques described in the previous video 9.   Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 011 – Layer Blend Modes – Using blend modes to paint in creative colour, without losing the texture of the image. We also demonstrate a very valuable shift click method of painting or masking that allows quick manual cut-outs to a near perfect standard. We also introduce the rotate view tool to make this work even easier. Download Video here.

Understanding Layers – Video 012 – Adjustment Layers & Smart Objects – These allow us to apply corrective or creative changes to all non Raw images.  We can make many changes on top of changes, safe in the knowledge that the image quality we began with is protected.   Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 013 – Creating a Layered Montage – Here we make use of layers, layer masks, blend modes and smart objects to create a montage. As well as demonstrating the digital techniques, I try to give the viewer an idea of the thought process around creating multiple image montages.   Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 014 – Bracketed Exposure Balance – This technique will preserve the best image quality you captured in your original Raw image. Using ACR + smart objects + layers + layer masks we have the best of all worlds while battling exposure and high contrast.   Download this video

Understanding Layers – Video 015 – Auto Align Layers – A simple process, but remarkable in its effect. It allows hand held images to be aligned and is especially important in relation to the techniques described in our video called  Bracketed Exposure Balance above.   Download this video

Photoshop – Understanding Layers – Video 016 – Making Great Cut-outs with Layer Masks – A manual technique using layer masks to quickly and reliably cut-out complex subjects. See  also Layer Blend Modes and Creating a Layered Montage.   Download this video

Photoshop – Understanding Layers – Video 017 – Image Presentation – Using layers to present images for on screen viewing or printing, with supporting frames and borders that support the image and not compete with it.  Download this video

Photoshop – Understanding Layers – Video 018 – Creating Edge Effects –  Making those ragged and creative edge effects to help better present our images.  Download this video

Photoshop – Understanding Layers – Video 019 – Layer Groups and Locks – Layer groups are rather like a folder of images, but we can add a number of layers to our group and carry out some editing of the whole group together. Locks are how we can protect the content of a layer from being moved or edited.  Download this video

Photoshop – Understanding Layers – Video 020 – The Breakout Technique – Layers with cut and paste to create the illusion that part of our picture content is breaking out over the image border. A creative and fun layers  idea. Download this video

Photoshop – Understanding Layers – Video 021 – Creative Cut up – Taking an image, cutting it up and re-assembling it in layers. It’s creative and fun.  Download this video

The Concept of Layers – This video wasn’t recorded as a part of this set, but you will find that the video is very relevant to the subject and may be of interest too. Download the video from Here