No matter how skilled or experienced we are, from time to time we are going to need a little help. It’s the nature of digital photography, complex software and of course computers. Our software comes with so many options it’s often hard to know which parts we must know about and which parts we can safely ignore for a while.

I have taught some of these subjects for many years, but I still need help from time to time. It has nothing to do with age or intelligence, it’s simply that we cannot absorb and retain all the information all the time

You can Contact me with your help question at any time and I’ll help where I can, but a better way could be our Photo and AV forum is a great way to get answers. You’re tapping into a network of people who share your interest on the forum and even if they don’t have the exact answer, they can often point you in the right direction.

So, when you come up against a brick wall and your stuck. Most of the time, someone else has already been there and can help. Our Forum isn’t huge with 1000’s of members. It’s small and friendly and that is how we like it.