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Bushland Botanical Artistry

Delicate animation and careful synchronization of the images to the music help add the appeal and charm of this sequence. PicturesToExe allows dynamic blur to images for creative presentation effects.

The Rain Forest

The Rain Forest in Australia is a magical place, but it’s hard to capture the atmosphere of the forest. So, we use one or two delicate sound effects to help create the atmosphere we’re looking for. PicturesToExe deluxe is very good for sound editing like this.

Land fit for Queens

One of my passions in the past few years has been digital Infra-red images taken with a converted digital SLR. I have videos and tutorials on this subject and have built up quite a bit of experience of infra-red photography. Its very compelling and enables the creation of some stunning monochrome images.


This sequence came about after reading that in many parts of Australia, the plants and trees we see around us haven’t changed much in millions of years. The creatures that lived among them have, but with this sequence I ask you to tap into your imagination. Just imagine being there, 5 million years ago

The Art of Photography

A tutorial style presentation on Photography, shooting Raw and exposure in general. Lots of simple but effective slide show techniques here along with some good tips and tricks too. Commentary is used to bind the whole sequence together. This sequence also demonstrates the flexibility of the PicturesToExe slidshoe software

Natures Textures

This sequence uses Photoshop Layers and blend modes within Layers to create images within natures textures. If you’re looking for Photoshop Layers Tutorials just look at the menus above


Landscapes is a very simple slideshow, but there is nothing wrong with that. Within Audio Visual simplicity is often the best policy. The sequence presents images within a frame, just as we would see them on the wall of our home. See our Photoshop tutorials  on Presenation and also PicturesToExe Presentation Techniques. I’ll show you how this can be done and supply frames too

The French at War Part 1

I scanned a number of old images for a friend of mine and felt they had enough historic interest to make these two sequences. Without PicturesToExe who would have seen them? I have been thanked a few times by people in France who enjoyed viewing them and that is the point of Audio Visual

The French at War Part 2

This sequence is another demonstration of how PicturesToExe slideshow software allows presentations to be made and circulated quickly and easily. 

Everlasting Home

This is a favorite slideshow of mine. Hidden away in a dense inlet along the winding Mt Dandenong Tourist Road is the internationally renowned William Ricketts Sanctuary. The sanctuary is not only one the Dandenong’s more iconic experiences, but one of the most inspiring and tranquil places on the mountain and I can vouch for that.