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Select the 1080p HD quality setting for best viewing on YouTube

It Could Be Yesterday

Another favorite and competition winner. Shot in the Black Country open air museum in Birmingham UK. A fascinating place that shows how the Industrial revolution transformed Britain and the world. I have tried to tell the story of someone looking back at times they are unlikely to ever see again.

The Cosmos

Cosmos is the music that inspired this presentation. The Cosmos is where Infra Red light comes from and these images are Infra red.  This sequence will take up less than 2 minutes of your time.

The Lost Classics

These images were shot as a fascinating place called the Herbaton Historic Village, which is about 120k from Cairns in Queensland Australia

Time & Tide

The seashore does seem to fascinate humans. Most of us can stand and watch the waves roll in for far longer than we would do much else. Its calming, but this sequence records the sea a little rougher than we usually see it, but that’s all part of the interest. Great music and careful transitions, which are easy to achieve using PicturesToExe

The Exposure Clock

The exposure clock demonstrates the wide variety of presentations we can make with PicturesToExe slideshow software.. Here its instructional and therefore contains commentary. This style of Audio Visual is quite different to the more pictorial style. For example, its 9 minutes long, which isn’t an issue in a tutorial like this. 9 minutes isn’t a lot, but it would be in a purely pictorial style sequence.

The Fire Trail

A local fire break and a walk with the Infra red camera is what provided the images for this sequence. Simple, short and hopefully appealing. Infra red is worth a serious look for those who love great quality monochrome images.

Winter (in Scotland)

Winter is a slide show shot in Scotland. Its also fairly simple, but as I say many times. Simple is often what works best with audio visual presentations. AV is very compelling and we can help you learn with our video tutorials and a free trial of PicturesToExe

The Nurburgring

This Audio Visual is based around my sons love of cars and in particular his Mitsibishi Evo 6. (TME) For fun he drives around the Nurburgring in Germany and here we have a mix of his still images and some go pro video  he shot from the car on the track. It does demonstrate the ability of PicturesToExe to handle HD video nicely.

The Rosewood Railway

Rosewood Railway is about 68K west of Brisbane Australia and even though we was not there on a day any locos were running, it was still a fascinating place for a photographer. Full of detail and picture taking opportunities.

Hot in the City

Another favorite sequence of mine and it’s a short sequence taken in Sydney Australia. Look for the time lapse at the start to allow the monorail to leave the station. It provides a great start to the show. Its fast and furious and a different style to my usual presentations.