Club Life

Club Life

Camera Clubs are a great place to meet others with the same interests and learn from each other. Club competitions are both positive, in that they encourage entry of images. However they can be negative because, boy do Camera Clubs love their rules !!! 

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How to Make a Video Tutorial – This is a lengthy video, but if you expect to produce good video tutorials that viewers want to watch, you’re not going to achieve that in 5 minutes. All the secrets revealed to making great video tutorials, both the screen recording and production. 

Download the Video here

Camera Club Rules – They love to make up those rules. Download Here

The Camera Club Competition – Making things difficult to understand or follow the logic.  Download Here

Image Size for Camera Club Competition – Its important that you get this right, or you may break the clubs rules and we know how important rules are !!!  Download Here

Camera Club Presentation – The Holy Grail Pt 1Download Here

Camera Club Presentation – The Holy Grail Pt 2Download Here

Rules – Rules – Rules – Are they all necessary?

Here Comes the Judge