Adding & Editing Video

PTE9 Adding and Editing Video

In this set of 23 videos and demo’s running in total for over 3.5 hours we look at many video techniques, like editing Video Sound, Video Size and Video Length. We also look at Video Manipulation in PTE and Photoshop. Check our our introduction video below for more information

Video is now far easier to capture and editing that video far easier too. However, the one factor that is still important is file size. We can create a 2 minute slide show with HD still images and have a file size of well under 10MB, but 1 minute of HD video could be 300mb

These huge file sizes impact us when we consider how our presentation can be shared, particularly over the internet, but it’s also important when we consider how well our slide show is seen by others. So, what we have here are around 23 presentations running for well over 3 hours in total. We look at Adding Video – Video in Video – Video Editing for Length and Size, but also Colour Contrast and Clarity too.

All the content on Beckham Digital is now free of charge, but there are costs involved in running a website like this. If the many hours of work that goes into these videos is beneficial to you. A contribution to those costs via Paypal would be appreciated.