Adding & Editing Video

Adding & Editing Video Clips

Please Note: From the release of PTE AV Studio in late 2019, the need to Optimize video before use is no longer required. However, it remains a  requirement if you’re a PicturesToExe 9 user. 

In this set of videos we look at many video techniques, like editing Video Sound, Video Size and Video Length. We also look at Video Manipulation in PicturesToExe and Photoshop.  Start at the top and work down at your own pace. 

All the content on Beckham Digital is now free of charge, but there are costs involved in running a website like this. If the many hours of work that goes into these videos is beneficial to you. A contribution to those costs via Paypal would be appreciated.

Video 001 – Introduction   Download this video here

Video 002 – Before we start – When these tutorials were created, the accepted publish option was an executable file for playing on a computer or a TV. In that case, file size is vitally important to us.  However, if you now choose a publish option of a 60p Mp4 Video for your presentation.  (This appears to be taking over as a new standard) The video clip sizes your adding to your presentation are not so vital.  Download this video here

Video 003 – Animation Keyframe Settings –  The changes to the preferences we suggest here is to avoid our video running coming to an abrupt stop before the full slide duration has been reached. It’s not a good look,  and a preference change on how we view slide duration is one way to avoid this.  Download this video here

Video 004 – Adding full screen video –  The optimization that we demonstrate here is no longer required with the 2020 update to PTE AV Studio. However, if you’re a PicturesToExe 9 user, then it’s necessary.  Download this video here

Video 005 – Editing Video Sound – There is no direct way to edit the soundtrack of a video clip, but we have a simple method to get around that problem. Download this video here

Video 006  – Video in Video –  To keep file sizes down a little planning and thought will help. Our next video will help with this one. but its 50/50 what you view first  Download this video here

NB. Remember that keeping file size down is far more important if you’re going to publish your slide show as an executable file for use on a PC. If you publish to a 60p Mp4 video then you sidestep most of the issues raised here. 

Video 007 –  Video Animation Planning – This video may help with video 6. You can download our planning image here.   Download this video here

NB. Remember that keeping file size down is far more important if you’re going to publish your slide show as an executable file for use on a PC. If you publish to a 60p Mp4 video then you sidestep most of the issues raised here. 

Video 008 – Video Size and 3D  The video size we are talking about here is making a video smaller so as it appears on top of an image, it looks attractive. It’s taking a HD video length of 1920 pixels and reducing that to 1024, but not changing Aspect Ratio. We reduce the impact of the video for the reasons we have mentioned above. . Download this video here

Video 009 – Masks and Video  Using a video as a Mask is part of the deluxe version of PTE 9 and the Pro version of PTE AV Studio. Let’s take a look.  Download this video here.     If you would like to download a few of our masks?  You’ll find some  here.

Video 101 Editing Video in PicturesToExe – Optimization  Download this video here. NB. Remember, Optimization is no longer required in the latest version of this software. PTE AV Studio

Video 102 –  Trim Video length in PicturesToExe If we have space in our slideshow for a 10 second video, there’s little point in using a 30 second video and not see 20 seconds of it. Once again, this is important if your publish option will be an executable file. Download from Here 

Video 103 – Reduce Video Size in PTE Making our video smaller so it looks good when presented over the top of another image or video, but also dealing with the length and optimization.  Download from Here 

Video 104 – Colour Correction The great thing about colour correction is that it can be used as a corrective tool within PicturesToExe, but it also has creative opportunities.  Download from Here 

Video 105 Editing – Resize Video –  Download from Here 

Video 201 – Trimming Video – When we talk of trimming video in Photoshop, we’re referring to reducing the time the video will run for. In our case taking a few seconds from a very long video clip  Download from Here

Video 202 – Slow Motion – Always a nice option to have up our sleeve, especially for some of our video clips that contain moving water.  Download from Here

Video 203  –  Mute or Fade video sound – We can always mute and fade video sound in PTE AV Studio/PicturesToExe, but we can also do so using Photoshop. –  Download from Here

Video 204 – Contrast and Colour – Many of the images we shoot desperately need image editing for colour and contrast and video is no different at all. Why not use Photoshop’s Adjustment layers to add more video impact. –   Download from Here

Video 205 – Removing dust spots and blemishes – Its surprising what we can do with some video clips to cover up blemishes and if your shooting video with an SLR, you may have the odd dust mark to  deal with to –  Download from Here

Video 206 – Cutting and Editing – General editing out of problems areas in our videos – Download from Here

Video 207 – Reducing Video Size – Here we are talking about reducing the video size from 1920px by 1080px to something smaller to fit into our project better –  Download from Here

Video 208 – Special Effects – Add a texture and/or a sepia tone to your video clip –  Download from Here

Video 209 – Cropping from Landscape to Portrait – This is effectively cropping our video just as we would a still image Download from Here