Camera Craft

Camera Craft

In these 32 videos running for 3.5 hours in total, we are going to teach you how to use an SLR and become as confident with that as we are when we drive our cars. Apertures, Shutter Speeds and ISO in the Exposure Triangle. Check out our sample videos from this set via our download sample button just below

If you’re reading this, I guess you already know that Photography is like any other hobby, career or pastime. There is a lot more to it than setting our camera to automatic, pressing the button and hoping for the best.

The barrier to learning camera craft is that so many of the techniques and camera controls are linked together. If we try and take them all in together, we just overwhelm ourselves with information and we struggle to retain that information.

What we have done here, is to use the same tried and tested principals we use for all our image editing tutorials. We will take things one step at a time, keep things simple and as non technical as humanly possible. Getting the exposure right will be an important topic and we are likely to spend some time on this, after all, what is more vital than exposure in Photography. In fact it remains the holy grail, even in the digital age

We have a lot to cover, but then that is all part of the fun. Just follow the video numbers, because our videos are laid out in a logical order to learn. Go as far into the learning at your own pace.

All the content on Beckham Digital is now free of charge, but there are costs involved in running a website like this. If the many hours of work that goes into these videos is beneficial to you. A contribution to those costs via Paypal would be appreciated.