2020 Videos

Misc Photography Videos

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Critical Sharpness – The High cost of small Errors. The disappointment of losing the best two shots of the batch, due to a simple error. Download the Video Here.

The Kookaburra Question – The High cost of small Errors. A perfectly sharp, frame filling shot, but no composition at all. Lets talk about it and fix it. Download the Video Here.  

Technique -v- Creativity – The High cost of small Errors. We have a limited amount of RAM in our own heads. If we’re using most of it on the technicalities of our photography, maybe there’s not enough left for the creativity we need. Download the Video Here.  

Photoshop/Adobe Camera Raw – Make it Snappy – Expose to the Right. A subject we have done before, but here is a short video that shows exactly why this technique is worth your attention Download the Video Here.  

Building a Computer for Photoshop & Photography. We can upgrade our computers from time to time, but there usually comes a time when the whole thing really needs to be brought up to date with a new build. What do we choose, how and why? Download the Video Here.  

Wacom Graphics Tablets – Are they all they are cracked up to be? The answer is yes, every day of the week and twice at weekends. If your serious about image editing then as modern speak often says. This is a no brainer.  Download the Video Here.  

Defeating Noise –  As the text says below, defeating noise starts with good technique in camera and end with help from our software. Download the Video Here.

EXPOSURE & CONTRAST (14 mins) These two link together and cause us all sorts of exposure issues. Once we understand the relationship, things become easier to predict. Download the video Here

BACK BUTTON FOCUS  (6 mins) Cameras are packed with options, many of them we don’t need. This one is worth your attention. I set this on all my cameras and never change it. Download Here

EXPOSURE LOGIC (24 mins) Exposure remains the Holy Grail. Download the Video Here

THE EXPOSURE CLOCK (24 mins) Why we need to take exposure seriously and not rely on our image editor to get us out of trouble. Make life easier and you can download this video Here

AUTO EXPOSURE BRACKETING (16 mins) Another exposure aid that’s worth it’s weight in gold. Download the video to keep Here

THE HISTOGRAM (24 mins) is a vital part of your photography, both before and after the shutter button is pressed. This is a subject worth your time and a video worth downloading to keep..

GETTING ISO RIGHT (16 mins) Don’t make your photography harder than it needs to be. Download this Mp4 Here