CC Presentation


To make downloading easier, we have split the video set into two sections. When we talk about presentation, we mean creative presentation for print or on screen viewing. Take a look at our Presentation introduction video below to see what we mean. Practically every image we create will benefit from good presentation techniques and we have them demonstrated here in 17 videos. See our Pdf list of contents

In this set of videos we cover a lot of ground from simple image edges to framing an image for print or electronic display purposes. In these 17 videos, we use Photoshop’s Layers and tools to create block mounting, mat recessed frames and many other attractive presentation techniques.

We look at Triptychs, adding Textures, Distressed Edges, Multi Image Presentation, Breakout Techniques and much more. In addition we have provided lots of artwork and frames to get you into Image Presentation. See our extras button above.

We demonstrate the selection tools and the tasks you’re going to need them for. Including those for complex selections like trees and hair. Learn how to deal with fringing in your cut-outs.

A complete set of videos on topics like these can take some weeks to record and create. If they benefit you, then a donation to the authors costs would be a way to say thank you