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Photoshop Presentation Techniques – This group of videos were created with Photoshop, but the techniques are hugely important to those of you into creating Audio Visual presentations.  I have included this menu in my Photoshop CC section and my PTE AV Studio section also. A complete set of videos on topics like these can take some weeks to record and create. If they have been of benefit to you, please consider a small donation to our running costs.

Video 01 – Introduction –  Take a look at our Presentation introduction video below to see what we mean by presentation. Practically every image we create will benefit from good presentation techniques. Download all videos at the bottom of the page, along with our free extras.  See our Pdf list of contents

Video 02 – Essential Fine Lines –When a dark image is viewed on a black background or in a darkened room via a digital projector. The edge of the image can often be lost into the black surround. We need to address that. Download this video Here.

Video 03 – The Block Mount Technique – The technique we will apply here is so effective, that at my live demo’s I have seen people holding one of my large prints and running their fingers over the edge trying to feel an indentation that is not in fact there. It’s simply a drop shadow. Download this video Here.

Video 04 – The Mat Technique –  Using similar techniques to the block mount and the effects can be very visually appealing. Download this video Here.

Video 05 – Canvas Wrap – PS Guides  –  Preparing for a Canvas wrap with guides to help. We demo 3 different techniques – One using Content Aware Fill to present your image perfectly Download this video Here.

Video 06 – Actions in Depth –  As Photoshop users, we can make our presentation techniques into an action and run them automatically. We show you those we provide and how to import and use them.  Download this video Here.

Video 07 – Multiple Images on a Page –  Presenting many images on one canvas can appear a little daunting, but with PS smart guides and layers, its quick and easy once you see it done. I like to create my own artwork to suit the project I have in mind. For example, what am I creating the project for? Download this video Here.

Video 08 – Vignette –  The Vignette is far more valuable than many photographers give it credit for. I use them on practically all my images, but most people will not directly notice them, unless I show you a before and after. So, we can say that a Vignette can be applied as a creative edit or a corrective one. The creative one is intended to be seen, the corrective one isn’t. We look at both Download this video Here.

Video 09 – Colour & Gradients –   Here we can use the basics of our Matt border and look at one or two creative layers techniques. We start by locking the transparent pixels of our border layer. Because we can select a colour from the image and use that colour to flood the border.. Download this video Here.

Video 10 – The Paste into Technique –  This is a technique that has got a great deal easier over time as Photoshop continues to improve. We’ve had guides that help the layout images for a while now, but alongside those we also have smart guides. Smart guides are turned on by default, but you won’t see them until you start working in layers, but they are powerful and save a lot of time Download this video Here.

Video 11 – Edge Effects –  Here we demonstrate how to create them and apply them. Always best to make your own, at least you know they are unique Download this video Here.

Video 12 – Strategic Colour –  Presenting an image in monochrome with colour showing through in just one location is a powerful technique, but the reason to do it shouldn’t be just because we can, or we have just learned a new Photoshop technique.  To be successful there does need to be some logic and reason to our choice. Download this video Here.

Video 13 – Textures – Here we look at textures including the location, of some nice paper textures from Photoshop Creative Cloud. See our examples in the introduction video.      Download this video Here.   

Video 14 – The Jigsaw Technique – There are different ways to apply this technique. In this video we provide the artwork and explain how we can use it.      Download this video Here.   

Video 15 – The Jigsaw Action – In this video we take you to a free action download, demonstrate how to install it and use it.   Download the Video Here

Video 16 – The Breakout Technique – The Breakout technique is where we allow part of our image to appear outside the main picture space, often spilling onto our border. It used to be harder to do back in film days, now it’s a lot easier with PS layers.   Download the Video Here

Video 17 – The Cut-Up Technique – Take an image. Cut it up into pieces and re-arrange it. Look at the example in our introduction video.   Download the Video Here