Understanding Exposure

Understanding Exposure

Exposure remains the Holy Grail for photographers despite the flexibility the digital age has brought. Exposure errors can still cause considerable problems. Poor exposure will make image editing far more difficult and sometimes impossible. In these 16 Videos running for 3 hours we take the mystery out of exposure, so you can develop consistency and confidence in your photography. Check our samples via the download sample button below

A professional Photographer cannot come back to their client and say, the photos didn’t come out. This is good news for those trying to learn about exposure, because if the professional can do it, so can everyone else. Exposure is like many other tasks we learn in our lifetime. One minute it seems impossible, then the penny drops and suddenly we are looking back wondering what all the fuss was about.

Exposure is predictable and our videos will help you to recognise and understand that. Getting exposure better is such an important step for all sorts of reasons, including image editing via Photoshop or Lightroom.

Well exposed images are far easier and quicker to create. If there is a subject I wish I had got to grips with earlier in my photographic career It is exposure and understanding light. Our camera sees light differently than we do and there lies one of the problems, the gap between what we see and what we capture. Our 16 videos running in total for 3 hours will help

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