Misc Photoshop Videos

Misc Photoshop Videos

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NEW TEXTURE SLIDER IN ACR  (20 mins) This new tool introduced in May 2019 looks to be pretty good. Lets take a quick look and see what it can do 

BASIC TEXT IN PHOTOSHOP (22 mins) Great for our image editing, artwork and particulalry if you are a PicturesToExe slideshow enthusiast.

THE HISTOGRAM (24 mins) is a vital part of your photography, both before and after the shutter button is pressed. This is a subject worth your time.

PREPARING IMAGES FOR A CANVAS WRAP  (32 mins) We do need to give the wrap part of the print some thought in relation to Composition

LIGHTROOM or PHOTOSHOP (13 mins) Here is a question that I’ve been asked lots of times. What image editor is right for me. This video may help a little

PHOTOSHOP for BEGINNERS (13 mins) Where do we start and how do we make the learning as easy as possible. Here are some tips to help.

IMAGE QUALITY (12 mins) There is little that is more important than image quality.  There are some images where it’s not vital, but for the majority it is.