New Photoshop Videos

Photoshop – Creative Alien Skin Filters. These days we have enormous latitude and the ability to be creative via Smart Objects & Smart Filters. Download the Video HERE  

Find Snap Art 4 software Here

View our short demo of Alien Skin example images Here

Photoshop & Exposure – A Necessary Partnership. Especially if you’re looking to get the best possible image quality from your camera. Don’t capture images that look great on the camera’s LCD. Capture images that are best suited to high quality manipulation.. Download the Video HERE

Text using Photoshop for PTE AV Studio . When we combine the power of Photoshop with PTE AV Studio, really the sky’s the limit. Download the Video HERE

Creating Cut-out Text in Photoshop for PTE AV Studio When we combine the power of Photoshop with PTE AV Studio, really the sky’s the limit. Download the Video HERE

A Hard Days Night – Recreating the album artwork in high resolution – I recently had the need to make a large print for a 50th Anniversary. Using the original low resolution album cover, we can use that cover in Photoshop to replicate the colours and proportions of the original artwork. Download the Video Here

Download the artwork we created while making this video here

Amazing Photoshop Power – How can PS stitch together 4 images that were never shot with that intention at all. Well, it can and we demonstrate some great techniques here as well as show off what Photoshop is capable of. Download the Video Here

Time Travel with Photoshop and how to grow Trees – One of the more rewarding things you can do with your images, is from time to time look back a few years at older images. See if you can spot potential in images you missed when you first evaluated them.  Given that we all have time on our hands through this Coronavirus problem, this is well worth your effort. It never fails to work for me and this manipulation is a result of that. Download the Video Here

Photoshop for Photographers – Creative Image Editing in ACR and Photoshop (2020)  – For consistently good images we need three skills. Technical camera skills to capture a great exposure, plus Editing skills via Adobe Camera Raw in this case.  However, we also need to know what makes a good image, because without that, how do we know what route to take in our image editor? Download the Video to keep from Here

EXPOSE TO THE RIGHT  – This is a technique that is part of my standard operating procedure, even when the lighting conditions appear good. It’s a technique for those who wish to squeeze every last ounce of quality, colour and impact from their Raw images Download our Video Here

MAVIC DRONE – PHOTOSHOP RAW – PANORAMA  – A lot of ground is covered in this video as suggested by the title. Although shot with a drone, the techniques are relevant to much of our photography when we are pursuing the WoW value ! Download our Video Here

MAKING A MONTAGE (32 mins) One of the most creative aspects of Photoshop is our ability to create a montage.  The success of a montage is due to  the placement of the content and the colour balance and composition. Its down to us! Download our Video Here

THE RED ROADSTER (35 mins) A Photoshop image from 2015, but the age doesn’t date it at all, because its the techniques which are important.  You can use these techniques in any version of Photoshop. Download our Video Here

TOPAZ IMPRESSION FILTERS (43 mins) There’s a lot more to adding filter effects than most photographers appreciate. Do you want your images to look like everyone else’s? Of course not. In that case, we need to add some TLC. Download our Video Here

CUTTING OUT A HOT AIR BALLOON (32 mins) This question was asked a short while ago and its an interesting question. Why do I use a 20 year old method when we have all these new ways to make selections? Red Balloons   – Download our Video Here

GO WHERE THE IMAGE TAKES YOU  (25 mins) Every image is unique, in content, colour, contrast, and exposure. So, they won’t all require the same approach. A similar one, but not the same. Download our Video Here

NEW TEXTURE SLIDER IN ACR  (20 mins) This new tool introduced in May 2019 looks to be pretty good. Lets take a quick look and see what it can do. Download our Video from Here 

DOWNLOAD BASIC TEXT IN PHOTOSHOP (22 mins) Great for our image editing, artwork and particularly if you are a PicturesToExe slideshow enthusiast.

Download – The Histogram (24 mins) is a vital part of your photography, both before and after the shutter button is pressed. This is a subject worth your time.

Download – Preparing Images for a Canvas Wrap  (32 mins) We do need to give the wrap part of the print some thought in relation to Composition

Download – Lightroom or Photoshop ? (13 mins) Here is a question that I’ve been asked lots of times. What image editor is right for me. This video may help a little

Download – Photoshop for Beginners (13 mins) Where do we start and how do we make the learning as easy as possible. Here are some tips to help.

Download – Image Quality (12 mins) There is little that is more important than image quality.  There are some images where it’s not vital, but for the majority it is.