2019 Tutorials

Misc PicturesToExe Videos

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Importing Slide Styles  (2 mins) One of those simple things, but everything is simple once we know how. right?  Check out our slide styles to download for PTE-9 Here. Download this video Here

Framed Slide Styles & Aspect Ratio (17 mins) When we want to use the speed and convenience of slide styles with frames, we do run up against a problem with Format or Aspect Ratio. Download our video Here and our frames slide styles Here

TYPEWRITER TEXT & SOUND (18 mins) How to create mood or atmosphere in a historic slide show. There are many ways to do this, but I think this is the quickest and most straight forward using Photoshop to create the images. Download our video Here and our Sample HERE

ANIMATING CLOUDS (19 mins) This is a simple technique, quick to create, but impressive to view. Make animated still images look like a video. Download our video here. The full slide show where this technique was used, Can be found Here

THE SMOOTHING LINE (8 mins) Download Video .The Thickness of the Smoothing line is a parameter available with some transitions in PicturesToExe, but I rarely see much evidence of the Smoothing Line being used. See it in action HERE

MAKING A PRESENTATION FOR A LIVE TALK (27 mins) How can we use PTE to illustrate a live talk? Slide Styles let us speed up that process & I’ve included some slide styles with the download from here.

VARIABLE SPEED MODIFIERS (12 mins) If you’re a PicturesToExe user and you like to include animation into your presentations, you’re going to need to understand modifiers and especially the variable speed modifiers. Download the video to keep here.

EXECUTABLE OR MP4  (10 mins)  It used to be that an executable file was the best publish option with PicturesToExe. I think that times have changed and a 60p Mp4 video is now an even better option. Download Video

LIGHTROOM or PHOTOSHOP (13 mins) Here is a question that I’ve been asked lots of times. What image editor is right for me. This video may help a little and you can download it here

FINE LINES & BORDERS (13 mins) Presentation techniques that dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Download the video here

SYNCH IMAGES TO MUSIC on the FLY (22 mins) In my view it’s the most practical way to make a slideshow in the majority of cases. Download the video here

PERSPECTIVE PANNING DEMO  (4 mins) Another way to create stunning visual presentation effects with PicturesToExe. Take a look at the demo first to see what we’re talking about. You can download the demo here too

PERSPECTIVE PANNING TUTORIAL  (16 mins) We need to use Photoshop to create two versions of the image, but it’s well worth doing because the effect can be visually stunning. Download the Video Here