Animation & Transitions

PTE9 Advanced and Transitions

In this set of 21 videos running in total for over 4 hours we look at more advanced Animation including 3D techniques. As the title suggests, we combine that with Custom Transitions. Creating them and using them. Check out our introduction video below for more information

Advanced Animation & Custom Transitions is a great subject. Packed with information and great techniques . We can make our own transition and apply them to sets via a list or buttons.

Create a transition that takes your image off screen to the left, then you may as well complete the set with the image leaving on the right, along with top and bottom. Animation techniques in PTE cover a lot of ground, so as you have probably already seen, we have split the subject of animation in two sections. This is the second part of the two.

Generally speaking most of the transitions we create will be animated ones. So I think it makes sense to combine more advanced animation and custom transitions together. In our videos we create a 3D Book, we demonstrate Masks, the Third Image, Modifiers, Parent and Child Animation and lots more. Plus we include lots of demo’s, slide styles and transitions that you can import into your PTE9 and try them.

All the content on Beckham Digital is now free of charge, but there are costs involved in running a website like this. If the many hours of work that goes into these videos is beneficial to you. A contribution to those costs via Paypal would be appreciated.