Videos 21 to 40

Lightroom Tutorials Continued – Videos 21-40  Here we continue our collection of videos on the subject of Lightroom. You can view them in this page, or on YouTube. You can also download the individual videos to keep, or all the videos on this page as a  zipped batch. See the bottom of this page. 

Remember, they are all free, but a small donation would be appreciated, but not essential.

Video 021 Create a Catalogue from a FolderDownload the video

Video 022 Filter and Filter LockDownload the Video

Video 023 The HistogramDownload the Video

Video 024 Basic Image EditingDownload the Video

Video 025 Basic Colour BalanceDownload the Video

Video 026 Targeted Colour Adjustment ToolDownload the Video

Video 027 The Crop Overlay Tools – Download the Video

Video 028 The Spot Removal ToolDownload the Video

Video 029 Red Eye – Download the Video

Video 030 Lens Corrections – Colour – Download the Video

Video 031 Lens Corrections – Profile – Download the Video

Video 032 Lens Corrections – ManualDownload the Video

Video 033 Lens Corrections – BasicDownload the video 

Video 034 Detail – Sharpening Images – Download the video 

Video 035  Detail – Noise Reduction –  Download the video 

Video 036 The Adjustment Brush –  Download the video

Video 037 Radial Filter – Download the video

Video 038 Graduated Filter Download the video

Video 039 Split Toning and Sepia Download the video

Video 040 The Tone Curve Download the video