Get Started

Photoshop CS-6 Getting Started is a very comprehensive set of videos laid out in a logical learning order. We take you to what you need first, then what you need after that, and so on. 29 Videos with a total running time of 6 Hours, but don’t allow the 6 hours to worry you. Just follow the video numbers and work through them as far and as fast you like. Take a look at our introduction video below and also our list of contents on a Pdf.

These videos are aimed at those enthusiastic photographers who are relatively new to this editing software. After many years of teaching Photoshop, I know that some people need a mentor. Someone who can guide them along with a measured and gradual approach to learning. We start off with the must know information and then look at those image editing techniques that will become our every day tasks. Just follow the video numbers and you can’t go wrong

The videos are numbered 1 to 29, which means you can work through the videos at your own pace. You can go as far into the learning process as you want.  

I use a dedicated PC in our home to record these videos. I also require a professional microphone and pre-amp to make the recordings. A contribution to those costs via Paypal would be appreciated.