CS6 Selections

Selections are a must know part of Photoshop, because they are to image editing, what a ruler is to a carpenter, indispensable. Selections are the route to most of the image editing repairs and adjustments you will want to make. We have 21 videos running for 5 hours in this set to help you. View our video introduction below and see our Pdf list of contents

The good news, selections have never been quicker or easier to make and we can take you through what you need to know in these videos. Starting with selection basics and covering many practical topics and techniques. Just follow the video numbers and work as far into selections as you want at the speed you want. We demonstrate the selection tools and the tasks you’re going to need them for. Including those for complex selections. 

I use a dedicated PC in our home to record these videos. I also require a professional microphone and pre-amp to make the recordings. A contribution to those costs via Paypal would be appreciated.