Diary of Updates

Diary of Site Updates - Newest at the Top

03/05/20 – PTE AV Studio – Parent & Child Animation.  The Parent and Child relationship is behind much of the sophisticated techniques you will see used with this software and it’s something we need to know.       Check out our video here.

01/05/20 – PTE AV Studio – Text using Photoshop. When we combine the power of Photoshop with PTE AV Studio, really the sky’s the limitCheck out our video here.

21/04/20 – Top 5 Issues for Audio Visual creators. An old saying comes to mind. If only I knew then, what I know now.  Check out our video here.

16/04/20 – PTE AV Studio + Photoshop for Text Effects – PTE AV Studio is very powerful software, but when we combine it with a good image editor like Photoshop, creative possibilities grow.    Check out our Video here

12/04/20 –  PTE-AV-Studio – Text using Masks     Check out our Video here

07/04/20 –  PTE-AV-Studio – Basic Text  – Here we take a look at many of the text options in this software and also Dynamic Blur.     Check out our Video here

02/04/20 –  A Hard Days Night  – Using Photoshop to recreate this iconic album cover. Using a low res example from Google to create high resolution artwork that will print 36in by 36in   Check out our Video here

31/03/20 –  PTE-AV-Studio – The Third Image  – The Third image is the term used in film days to describe the image we saw when one photo faded into another. For a brief moment, midway between the two, we saw a third image. This is easy to create these days with Photoshop  Check out our Video here

27/03/20 –  Amazing Photoshop Power – How can PS stitch together 4 images that were never shot with that intention at all.  Check out our Video here

24/03/20 –  Time Travel in Photoshop – A simple way to pass the time through the Coronavirus lockdown  Check out our Video here

13/03/20 –  PTE-AV-Studio – Sound Editing – PTE AV Studio is available in two versions. Standard and Professional. One of the big differences between the two is how we approach sound editing. Here we look at our most common needs using the standard edition.   Check out our Video here

Dec 2019 to Jan 2020 –  All our Photoshop for Photographers videos and Photoshop subjects like layers are now available as streaming video or you can download them to keep. You can check these all out via the menu item top left of this page PHOTOSHOP +

07/12/2019 –  PTE-AV-Studio – Masks –  Masks are a creative part of this software and they can be used in a variety of ways. We have a few examples here.  Check out our Video here

02/12/2019 –  PTE-AV-Studio – Frames –  What are Frames and how can we use them. We take a look at the basics here  Check out our Video here

26/11/2019 –  The Objects and Animation Screen – where does the Object & Animation screen fit into the AV process  Check out our Video here

25/11/2019 – A Velvet Voice – Improving your voice recordings – Many photographers may require good recordings from time to time.  Check out our Video here

19/11/2019 – Website Welcome Video Added – Find out quickly if this website has anything to offer your photography.  Our Welcome Page. 

17/11/2019 – PTE-AV-Studio 10 – Shadow Play – Audio visual software is all about image presentation. In this video we look at creating a block mounted effect, but in doing so, it allows us to touch on many important and useful features of the software.. Find our YouTube Video and a Download Here 

15/11/2019 – PTE-AV-Studio 10  – Let’s make a Slide Show. Here we take you through the basics of creating a slide show in this stunning software. Find our YouTube Video and a Download Here

12/11/2019 – Photoshop for Photographers – Creative Image Editing in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop (2020)         Find our YouTube Video and a Download Here – 

07/11/2019 – Photoshop for Photographers – Video number 12 – Workspace & Preferences is just one part of a 60 video course. If you want to get the best from Photoshop.  Photoshop for Photographers videos 

16/10/2019 – Photoshop for Photographers – Video number 27 – Contrast Clarity and Colour in ACR is just one part of a 60 video course. If you want to get the best from Photoshop.  Photoshop for Photographers videos 

What’s New in PTE-AV-Studio 10  –  A Name change for a good reason  – Find the video page HERE – 07/10/2019

Photoshop for Photographers – Video number 5 – Collections and Smart Collections is just one part of a 60 video course. If you want to get the best from Photoshop, here is where you’ll find some help  Here is the whole Set of Photoshop for Photographers videos – 28/09/2019

Photoshop – Expose to the Right – A valuable technique for almost any lighting conditions. Improve editing quality, reduce noise and much more, but the Raw file needs your attention. Find the video here – 026/09/2019

Photoshop – Mavic Drone – Raw Shooting – PanoramaA lot of ground covered in this video for all photographers. Drone pilots or not.   06/09/2019

What’s New in PicturesToExe 10- ThemesThemes are a new option within PTE-10 –  06/09/2019

Jack Frost – Audio VisualAn older slide show brought up to date with a 60p Mp4 Video– 29/07/2019

Slide Styles with Frames and dealing with the format issues – How do we make 3:2 images fit into a 16:9 frame for a style? – 29/07/2019

How to Import Slide Styles – A simple process, but aren’t they all simple once you know how – 29/07/2019

Re-Published Slide Shows – Older projects that maybe worth a view – 08/07/2019

Making a MontageAn older project, but one that’s not dated at all – 08/07/2019

The Red RoadsterA project from 2015, but it’s not dated at all – 30/06/2019

Topaz Impression FiltersThere’s more to adding filters than you think – 28/06/2019

PicturesToExe PresentationsThe Art of Cornwall, Photography + Impressions – 25/06/2019

PicturesToExe + PhotoshopTypewriter Text & Sound – 13/06/2019

PicturesToExe + PhotoshopAnimating Clouds – 08/06/2019

Adobe Camera Raw/PhotoshopGo Where the Image Takes You – 04/06/2019

PicturesToExeThe Smoothing Line  – 27/05/2019

PicturesToExeMaking a Presentation for a Live Talk (like Powerpoint) – 23/05/2019

Adobe Camera RawThe New Texture Slider – 15/05/2019

PhotoshopBasic Text – 11/05/2019