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Select the 1080p HD quality setting for best viewing

PTE AV Studio Promo – Take a look at what this software can do in this short promo. Download this Mp4 Video here

PTE AV Studio Facts – Why the software name change –  PTE AV Studio is the same great software as PicturesToExe. The name change was brought about because our main publish choice for our presentations is now a high quality Mp4 video, rather than the executable file we used to create,

Jack Frost – This is a remake of an older show that was made far too long and now it’s only half the length and created as a full HD – 60 Mp4 video. You can download this video here.

Triptography – This audio visual is rather simple in design. Apart from the first main image that uses animation, all the other images were created just as you see them in the show.

Its combining different transitions to match with the image shapes that helps enormously, plus the use of the smoothing line in PTE AV Studio/PicturesToExe  This short presentation can be viewed here in full HD resolution or you can download the video here

PTE AV Studio Facts – The Smoothing line is a setting within the transition options of PTE AV Studio/PicturesToExe. It allows the user to vary the edge softness of transitions such as Shapes, Hour Hand and others. It can make a significant difference to the default settings. Go to Project Options > Transitions, or Slide Options > Transitions