Lightroom 5

Lightroom 5

We have recorded a comprehensive collection of around 60 videos to make it as easy as possible for you to learn the tools and techniques of Lightroom 5. Our introduction video below reflects the size and quality of all the videos in this download.

Lightroom 5 is a complete photographers package, all in one program. By complete, we mean that it provides photographers with all their needs and it takes advantage of the fact that most serious photographers are working with Raw images.

Lightroom works in a way that uses that raw technology and retains non destructive editing for as long as we want it. Certainly right up to the point where we choose to export a copy of our image from Lightroom with all of our editing locked in. We are confident that our 60 Videos, that in total will run for 8 hours will cover all your needs and then some. We mention the 8 hours of video not to intimidate you, but to highlight the depth of content this set offers.

List of videos included

Just follow the video numbers. Meaning: Start at video 001 and go as far into the videos as you want at the speed you want. We lay out the videos in a logical learning order. What you need to know first, then next and so on. We have structured these videos to try and make learning this fascinating software as easy as possible and we hope you think so too.

I use a dedicated PC in our home to record these videos. I also require a professional microphone and pre-amp to make the recordings. A contribution to those costs and this web site via Paypal will keep them available.